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Thank You!

First of all would like to thank the staff for all the help yesterday. Sometimes doing things when you are in a wheelchair seem almost impossible or to be a big hassel. But the guys on the ground made things very easy and I was very pleased with everyones help. The experience was amazing, Ronmade the flight something to remember. Thanks again I will definitely recomend your company to anyone I talk too, andI will be back.
thanks again,

Thank you for a great experience!

Hello All! We planned our July Chattanooga Vacation not sure if we wanted to try to Hang Gliding or not. I am so glad the family all decided to do it. It was the highlight of the vacation!! The kids still have not stopped talking about it! You have given us memories to last forever! I want to say THANK YOU to your staff and instructors for making it all happen! Plus the sense of humor the instructors have is priceless!!! I would highly recommend your business to all that inquire! And the pictures are a MUST to add on to the experience! Thank you so much again! We had an amazing time! Liz, Craig, Danielle and Alex, from Illinois!
Denny on approach Dani and Eric

Losing the Bet!

This past weekend, under ideal conditions at Lookout, Bjorn Nelson and I made a $5 bet on a cone landing. Betting against Bjorn is not normally a sound move and despite my best efforts to worm out of admitting defeat, these pictures (provided by my wife Nydia!!!!) serve as prima facie evidence that I did indeed lose the bet. What great fun!

Denny Pistoll
Denny on approach Denny on approach
Denny Is he going to be close?
Denny Closer…
Peter Cheney Denny’s a bit long…
Bjorn It’s Bjorn’s turn
Bjorn Whre will Bjorn land?
Bjorn The Winner? Bjorn!

Peter, The Author, Flies

Peter Cheney, the author of Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots, and his family came down from Canada to fly with us. He picked a beautiful weekend. Plenty of high altitude gains and long flights. In fact, Stacy Murdoch outflew her husband (sorry Don) thermalling up to 3500 over launch yesterday. Nice flying Stacy!
Peter Cheney Peter Cheney in his Sport2
Peter's LaunchPeter's Launch Peter getting in the air

Cardin, Mike, Matt and Joe

Our newest pilots…
CardinCardin's launch Left to right: Cardin pre launch, Cardin coming off launch
Mike ThompsonMike Thompson Left to right: Mike Thompson, Here he goes…
MattMatt's launch Left to right: Matt Chambers, his launch
Joe Joe Helming