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Parachute Clinic

There will be a parachute clinic on Saturday June 14 at 11am. We will cover how to deploy your chute, practice deployments, and equipment information in general. The clinic will last 1-2 hours depending on the size of the group. Please call 1-800-688-5637 or email to reserve your space. The clinic is free to all VIP students and is $25 for all other pilots. Knowledge of your reserve and how to use it will make you a safer, more confident pilot. Please plan to join us!

Flights for Charity

Jim Rice asked that I post the following info…

Fellow hang-glider and paraglider pilots,

In May of 2006, I raised over $4,000 for Angel Flight Southeast during an event that I organized and conducted called Jumps for Charities. During Jumps for Charities, I successfully completed 37 skydives in a single day (in celebration of my 37th birthday). However, I was able to accomplish this task only with the help of a dedicated ground support team.

On May 31, 2008, I will be conducting Flights for Charities at LMFP. During Flights for Charities, I will raise funds for Fisher House Foundation by attempting to complete 39 mountain flights during the daylight hours between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (in honor of my 39th birthday). As you have already surmised, this is an extremely ambitious goal and, as with Jumps for Charities, I wont be able to successfully complete such a task without a dedicated ground support team. Thats where you come in I need your help!!

In short, it will take a small army of volunteers and a small armada of equipment to successfully carry out Flights for Charities.

PLEASE take a look at the Flights for Charities Ground Support Team website and sign up to volunteer where you feel that you can best contribute.

If you are unable to volunteer your time or equipment/logistics, please consider pledging to the event at the Flights for Charities pledge page

Thank you for you helping me support Fisher House Foundation during Flights for Charities!!

Jim Rice

(256) 479-9762

Flying Clinics by Claire Vassort


Former World Team member Claire Vassort will be offering an intermediate/advanced level seminar every last Sunday of the month until October 2008. This series of classes is centered around safety and flying efficiency. Pilots of all skill levels are welcomed to participate. Each class will have a theme and include a presentation by Claire and will be followed by a question/answer session. The meetings will take place at the LZ Clubhouse at 10AM.
Class Schedule:
May 25, 2008: Basic Rules of Safety How to have fun while keeping yourself Safe
June 29, 2008: Launching, Landing in and Landing Out How to Keep your Techniques Well-Practiced
July 27, 2008: Weather-Related Topics Sniffing and Working the Thermals, Weather Safety
August 31, 2008: Training Every-Flight Exercises to Improve your Flying
September 27, 2008: Ladies Weekend Learn How Wella LadyCan Fly
NOTE: This class will take place on a Saturday because of the Womens Fly-in on that weekend.
October 26, 2008: Wrapping up the Season How to maintain your Skills During the Winter. We will also share our best flying stories of the season.

We Loved Our Tandems…

dan tandem Dan, I can’t thank you enough for taking care of my daughters, Jordan and Lindsay, this past weekend during their discovery flights. They had an outstanding experience and will be visiting again in the near future. Have a great week/weekend. See you in a few weeks! Again, thanks for your special handling with the girls! Rachel


setup We’ve had some nice flying days. The photo is launch starting to fill up with gliders as pilots are waiting to launch. It’s funny how quickly Spring changes things. The trees in the back ground are full and green now. In fact the whole mountain is amazingly green. Below is Keith Bien’s flight report of his flight on Sunday… The day was showing all the signs of a possible “wonder wind”. I had some daddy duty so I wasn’t going to be able to fly until later in the day anyway. A few pilots had gotten up earlier, but it was L&V with light lift throughout the day. I didn’t get up to launch until about 6pm and even then I stalled for time slowly setting up my glider and helping with launches. I knew that if it was going to “wonder”, chances were better the longer we waited. The wind did pick up in cycles but it wasn’t until about 6:30 that one pilot was able to stick above ridge. It was marginal at best and a few other pilots launched and sunk-out. It was almost 7pm when a tandem flew by launch from aero-tow and looked as if they were getting lift around the ridge. The lift band was getting wider and it looked like we were going to get a “wonder wind”. I suited up and waited as long as I could for a stronger cycle. The ridge wasn’t really on yet. I made a few low passes in front of launch and caught some light lift that I maintained for five or ten minutes before it was organized enough to turn 360′s in. I soon got above ridge up to about 1500 over. Other pilots were right in behind me and it just got better and better. At one point I went out in the valley all the way over the LZ and lost only about 300 feet in the round trip. The “wonder wind” was on. It was “glassy” and nearly everyone had good flights and easy landings for the rest of the evening. I made a trip up north to Stidman’s Gap, but it didn’t feel like a Point day. Strong mid-day thermal soaring is awesome, but sometimes a boaty “wonder wind” is just what a body needs. Keith Bien