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Photos submissions for 2009 USHPA Calendar

Ironically, this entry requesting photos has no photos… The following is USHPA’s request for photo submissions for the 2009 Hang Gliding calendar. Please note that submissions are going to USHPA. PHOTO SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE MAY 31st Please send us (USHPA) your horizontal-format digital photos or 35mm slides as candidates for the 2009 calendar project. Pull those flying shots that deserve consideration for next years calendars! Since our calendars are printed large format at high resolution, we prefer slides for the best possible reproduction, but high resolution digital submissions are accepted as well. (Pixel specs outlined below) PHOTO SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Please be aware that some cropping is required due to the proportion of the printed calendar and bleed requirements. Submit horizontal photos in slide or digital format. Digital photos should be a MINIMUM of 3120 W x 2400 H (7.5 mega pixels), although 3900 W x 3000 H pixels (11.7 mega pixels) is preferred. Submit unaltered photos. Do not resize or change photo. We will make appropriate adjustments to the photos for calendar use. Only submit photos taken after January 2006. Each submission MUST INCLUDE: Signed contributor agreement (1 per photographer) Each photo MUST INCLUDE a submission form ( with the following: photographers name, mailing address, phone and email address. AND a photo caption, location, site name, pilot name, wing maker & model. Submission info & forms are found at: If possible, please submit digital photos and caption information on CD or DVD to: USHPA 2009 Calendar, Attn: Martin Palmaz, PO Box 1330, Colorado Springs CO 80901-1330. Please inform me directly of calendar submissions through FTP, so that I am aware of your entries on the server. Photos that are not used for the calendar will be forwarded for potential use in the magazine. All contributors will receive confirmation of receipt and slides will be returned upon completion of the project. Digital submissions will not be returned. Looking forward to seeing your submissions! Regards, Martin Palmaz, Business Manager United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association Tel : 719-632-8300 / 800-616-6888 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. MST) -7 GMT Fax : 719-632-6417 US Mail: PO Box 1330 Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1330 UPS or FEDEX: 1685 W Uintah ST Colorado Springs, CO 80904

New Mountain Pilots

We’ve had some great conditions for new mountain pilots.In the past week John Carr, Roxy Slagle, Eugene Alexandrin, Ann Gilbert Chase, Catherine Gagnon, and Mathieu Berube have made their first solo mountain flights. Welcome to the sky!
Roxy getting ready Roxy Slagle about to run off the mountain. Catherine Gagnon Catherine Gagnon’s excellent launch.
Jonathan Carr Jonathan Carr’s first launch. Eugene Alexandrin Eugene Alexandrin gets ready to fly.

Lucas gets flight of the day!

Wednesday was such a beautiful day. Everything is just so alive; the trees are budding, the dogwoods are blooming and the sky is gorgeous. A bunch of folks flew, but Lucas definitely had the flight of the day. Below is Lucas’ flight report. And, the photo isn’t Lucas, it’s actually me. Kelli took it on her cell phone.

Jen What an unexpected great day it was and here is what I can recall of it: It was supposed to be Southwest all day, but once again you never know what the weather is going to do till you’re on launch! It started blowing straight in and I was one of several people that launched at about 1pm. I struggled and was low after launching and was almost ready to give up (Read more…)

Women’s Hang Gliding Festival

Getting ready for the 2008 Women’s Hang Gliding Festival, September 25-28.

Wallaby Trip

A group of Lookout pilots headed to Florida’s Wallaby Ranch for Wills Wing’s 11th Annual Fly-In and Party. They had an amazing time helping Wills Wing celebrate 35 years in hang gliding by demoing all of Wills Wing’s glider models. When I spoke to Terry Presley and Eric Donaldson, they both raved about the amazing flying and about taking a trip down hang gliding’s memory lane. The days went like this: wake up, demo a new glider in the early, buttery beautiful air, chill out and have lunch, then take the Falcon3, Sport 2, U2, T2, or T2C back up for a mid afternoon soaring flight, and finally food and festivities with around 300 attendees. Cloudbase was around 6 grand all week, and climbs of 12-1500 fpm and flights back and forth between Quest and Wallaby were common. Eric’s favorite flights were on the T2C,”It’s all carbon, sleek and aero. It’s the baddest boy out there.” Terry said the best part of the week was having the whole Wills family there and watching the films of their first attempts at flight. “To see the progression within a few months was amazing.” They went from bamboo and duct tape to hang gliders in a couple of months. According to Terry, “Nobody came home disappointed!” In fact, there are anonymous reports that some came home with new nicknames. Welcome home, Tinkles. If anyone has any photos they would like to share, email Jen at