Monthly Archives: April 2007

from Amanda Johnson, LPC

Woohoo is what Dan said every time someone got off the ground during the hills training last week I just want to share a couple of pictures with you guys. I was there last week with my daring husband and daughter, who took the intro lessons, and my not-so-daring son, who weenied out on the ground (like me J). However, you guys have made believers (or at least explorers) out of all of us, and we will be back with you soon. My husband David is all-the-way hooked, and we are all excited about getting back up there. David and Tiffany are psyched about the next level of training, and Zachary and I are excited about getting started. These pictures are Tiffany on her tandem with Steve, and they are AWESOME. I wish we had gotten the same camera deal with David (husband) b/c these pictures are just phenomenal. We will be sure and get this deal for all of us next time. Please tell Steve especially thanks so much for being so great with Tiffany. He even stuck his tongue out with her in one pictureTiffany sticks her tongue out ALL THE TIME and I laughed really loud when I saw that one. Several of these are getting blown up, David says to poster size Also, Dan is to be commended on his patience with Tiffanyshe got frustrated on the hills and he was really great with her. She didnt give up, even though she struggled, and shes ready to try again. She might not be willing to give it another go if Dan hadnt been so very patient and supportive. We will see you guys in April!!! Thanks again, you guys ROCK! Amanda I. Johnson, LPC Therapist, Daniel House I 205 795 3366